Get Pre-approved by a Reputable Lender. Understanding your finances in the home buying process is crucial. If you haven't already, it is necessary to sit down with a lender for a consultation. They will help you understand exactly what you can afford when combining the principal, interest, insurance and taxes into one monthly payment. They will also provide you with a pre-approval letter that will allow sellers to take your offers seriously.


Select a Real Estate Agent. The home you will be purchasing is likely going to be your largest asset. With that being said, you need to make sure your making an informed decision to buy the best asset possible. Realtors study the market every day, and know all of the recent trends that will ensure a good purchase. Our realtors will invest their time in you, and discuss all of your needs & wants. They‘ll explain recent market trends, and educate you on the areas your interested in.


Start Your Search! At this point in the home buying process you‘ll need to get out there and see homes that your interested in. During this process your agent should be present as they‘ve been inside thousands of homes in the area. They can help you decide if you should act quickly in competitive markets, so that you don't miss out on the right opportunity.


Make an offer! Once you've found the home that you want to buy, its time to act. Your realtor will pull comparable homes or "Comp's" that compare the home your interested in with recently sold homes in the neighborhood. Your agent will help you understand the true value of the home and hopefully negotiate a great deal on your behalf.


Your offer is accepted! Congrats! Now its time for an inspection. At this stage in the process you need to hire an inspector. The inspector will comb the house meticulously and look for any possible/immediate issues. If there is a major concern with the home, you can renegotiate the terms of the deal or ask for certain things to be repaired. After you receive your inspection report, it is advised you read through it and get a good understanding of your new home.


It’s time to go to contract. It is advised you hire a real estate lawyer. A good real estate lawyer has likely conducted thousands of transactions in his/her career. They have the experience to ensure your not going to have any issues in the current process, or in the future when trying to sell the home. A smooth transaction is an enjoyable transaction.


Finalize your financing. While in contract, which can last a month or more, you have to finalize your financing with your lender. You will have to produce W2's, pay stubs, and all kinds of personal information for them. The lender will get you a loan commitment and you'll then be ready to Close.


Congratulations! You are CLEAR TO CLOSE! Once both parties are clear to close, everyone meets at a specified location and you finalize the deal. The seller will turn the keys over to you and the house is yours.

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