Our Marketing Strategy


Generate Content & Built out Website - We, along with our professional media partners, will come to the home and create all of the necessary content. The content can include photo, video, drone footage, floor plans, virtual walkthroughs, etc. Once we've taken all the content that we need, we build out a website specific to your home. This website will serve as the location for which we will drive all traffic and reference information with our buyers.


Drive Targeted Traffic To The Website - In today's world, there is no stronger form of advertising than targeted audiences on social media platforms. Radio, print ad's, and even television commercials are all considered antiquated forms of marketing. The vast number of marketing dollars in today's world are wisely spent on digital marketing. Our cell phones and the apps within them are always collecting data on all of us. As a result, platforms like Facebook and Instagram have become the most effective way to market to a buyer. We build targeted audiences using that data, and run paid advertisements that drive quality traffic to your homes web page.

Influencer's on social media platforms are also a way in which we cast a wide international net. Influencer accounts typically have anywhere from hundreds of thousands of followers, to a tens of millions of followers. Depending on the content the influencer account typically posts, we can have an ad posted on their account - effectively casting a net to an unlimited potential amount of interested buyers.


LIPropertySearch.com - Our team owns a local website, LIPropertySearch.com which is a real estate search engine similar to that of Zillow and Trulia. The website is actually more accurate than these bigger conglomerates because we are hyper local to Long Island. The traffic of buyers to the website ranges anywhere from 500 visitors to 1000 visitors per day. The reason this website is significant is because we are capturing data on the interested buyers that are searching for homes on our website. We can see the towns and price points of every single person who visits the site, and we try and marry our buyers from the website to our listings.


The Brokerage Community - New York, from Manhattan to Montauk, has three different real estate boards. There is RebNY (Manhattan), LIBOR (Long Island), and HREO (North & South Forks). We are active deals in all three locations. This is important because over 90% of all homes are sold with an agent who brought the buyer. Once we take a listing, we immediately notify all three real estate boards with an HTML email blast.


Just Listed Postcards - Arrange and mail postcards to the local neighborhood that notifies them that your home is for sale.


Circle Prospecting Phone Calls - More often than not, it is the case that someone who lives in your neighborhood either knows someone who wants to move to the neighborhood OR they themselves want to move within the neighborhood. With that being said, we extract contact information for everyone within your zip code. We load all of that information into an auto-dialer and call every number asking if they know someone who is interested in your home.


Open Houses - We market and drive traffic to open houses for our listings. We typically build up demand for a property before opening the doors to any showings. Sometimes the best way to sell a property is to not let anyone in at all, until you have multiple interested parties and then you let everyone in at the same time. Creating competition can impose a sense of urgency for our potential buyers.


Website Aggregator Syndication - List on MLS, which will syndicate to over 50 different traditional real estate websites across the internet. Douglas Elliman has a relationship with Knight Frank which is an international brokerage. If your property is over a $1,000,000 price point, it will be sent to Knight Frank in over 70 different countries.

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